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I have been working in the Lighting Industry since 2007 as a Freelancer Lighting Programmer – Operator, Lighting Technician and as a Trainer to some of the biggest companies inside and outside Greece such as ETC Europe, Ypsilon Live and Hellenic Festival. I am a competent hard working person, but I am also a very outgoing person, who can work efficiently as a member of a team and as an individual.
I am a graduate of (BA Hons Degree) Creative Lighting Control from Rose Bruford College and I have attended a lot of training classes for several Lighting Products. In my free time I like to play Music and I am a semi-professional Photographer.
Through my work as a Lighting and Video

Programmer – Operator I have gained a lot of experience during the last years, working in different kind of productions such as Theatre, Concerts, Political Parties, Tours and Corporate Events. I have been trained on the most up to date products and I am always willing to learn new things.
I am also owner of a WYSIWYG Performance Updated Dongle, a High End Systems Nanohog and a GrandMA Command Wing.
I have led a number of training courses covering Lighting Control Systems, Networking and Pre-Visualization Software. I have an ongoing relationship with ETC South Europe as a trainer and as an End User of their products.
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Lighting Programmer


Having being trained in the most up to date technologies, concerning the Professional Lighting field, I work as a Programmer with accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness keeping up to the deadlines.

Services include:

  • Pre-Programming.
  • Great understanding and knowledge of Networks and communication protocols.
  • Timecode
  • MIDI
  • Operation of Shows
  • Programming with the use of WYSIWYG
  • Transfer and modification of show files from Strand 500 series,
    ETC Express/Expression, GrandMA to EOS, ION, Element, Congo, Congo Jr.
  • Keeping archive of the show (Paperwork, Show files)
  • Programming Media Server. (Catalyst, Green Hippo, Modul8)
  • Programming Conventionals, Movers, LED fixtures, Scrollers.
  • Experience on the following desks:
  • ETC Control Systems
  • EOS Family Lighting Consoles
  • CONGO Family Lighting Consoles
  • SMART Family Lighting Consoles
  • GrandMA Series 1/ Series 2
  • High End Systems OS4 / OS3
  • Avolites
  • Chamsys


The job of the Lighting Designer in all fields of productions consists of taking care of a great deal of practical work. His duties include foreseeing and arranging technical details, organising and realising the lighting plot. He also must overlook technical work and lays with the other technical departments involved in the production.

The role of the Assistant Lighting Designer is to take the responsibility and to take care of all this technical work, leaving time and space to the Designer to concentrate on the creative process, not worrying about practicalities.

Services I can offer as an Assistant Lighting Designer include:

  • Drawing the Lighting Plan in WYSIWYG and keeping it updated through out the production process, following the instructions of the LD. To other members of the production (lighting technicians, production manager)
  • Renderings (photorealistic representation of the lighting states)
  • Pre Visualization video (photorealistic stream video of the lighting cues)
  • Organising the Inventory (equipment list)
  • Communicating/Liaising with Rental Companies
  • Overlooking the get in and get out process of the lighting equipment in the venue.
  • Organising All related Paperwork (focus notes, quotes from rental companies)
  • Offering advice and suggestions regarding the use/incorporation of New Technologies/Media
  • Re-Lighting
  • Video recording of the rehearsals
  • Keeping archive of the show (LX plan, related paperwork, show files, photos).
tech support


Having worked for many years as a Lighting Technician in various genres of production (theatre, TV shows, concerts, festivals, corporate events, fashion shows) and being constantly educated about Professional Lighting, I can be a very useful member of a Lighting Crew. I can also be Head of the Lighting Crew, organising my co workers in order to deliver the work that has been assigned to us in the most professional, safe way, within the designated time frame, keeping the deadlines.

Services include:

  • Truss Building – Rigging Lights.
  • Operation, maintenance and repair of Lighting Equipment.
  • Organizing the Lighting Crew.
  • Organizing and filing out all the necessary paperwork. (hiring orders – inventories)
  • Warehouse management.
  • Health and Safety, Risk Assessment
  • Keeping up with the time schedule.
  • Estimating technical needs for each venue.


I can offer training for ETC Lighting Control Products, High End Systems Lighting Desks, Avolites Lighting Desks and the WYSIWYG software by Cast Lighting.

In detail:

  • ETC Control Systems
  • EOS Family Lighting Consoles
  • CONGO Family Lighting Consoles
  • SMART Family Lighting Consoles
  • High End Systems OS4 / OS3
  • Avolites
  • Grand Ma Series 1 / Series 2



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